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Be a part of the Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Experience at Shackelford's Mixed Martial Arts Center home of Team Fight Clinic. Wether you are looking to train for confidence, a new hobby, self defense, to get in shape or to compete. We want YOU on our team and are offering the best incentives we can for you to come in and check our team out to see if we would be the best fit for your goals! 

  • 60 Day You're going to love our program Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee!! Come join our program and if for any reason, even if you decide you don't like the color of the paint on the walls after 60 days, let us know on day 60 and we will refund every penny paid!! We are that confident you will love our program!

Shackelford's Mixed Martial Arts in Olive Branch, MS. (Desoto County) will help you revolutionize yourself, your martial arts training, and your fitness success. Every detail of the curriculum is specifically designed to help maximize students' potential and create a learning-conducive environment, helping you succeed in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), no-gi grappling, Muay Thai kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) or conditioning and fitness. You will see for yourself that the results people are getting are genuine, and you can achieve these results for yourself!

If you live in the North Mississippi, Desoto County, Olive Branch, Southaven or Mid-South area and are interested in serious martial arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) or Kickboxing training or are serious about changing your routine, you owe it to yourself to stop by our Desoto County location and see that Shackelford's Mixed Martial Arts is the place to be. From Olive Branch to Southaven, Desoto County to Marshall County, people from all around the area are improving themselves through fitness and conditioning, and learning the proven techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Muay Thai, Kick boxing, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Head instructor and owner John-David Shackelford is extremely accomplished in mixed martial arts (MMA). Although he is from Desoto County in North Mississippi, his fighting career has taken him all over the country and even overseas. His personal success has provided him with a solid background to help coach others in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and kickboxing, as well as help them achieve their goals in fitness and weight-loss. These results from quality instructors like John David are waiting for you at Shackelford's Mixed Martial Arts in Olive Branch, Mississippi; the question is, when are you going to find out the results for yourself?

Call 901-235-5701 to start your trial membership! Don't wait enrollment is limited and filling fast in all of our classes!!


Here is what just a few of our students have to say!!!

“I have found the rewards of practicing brazilian jiu jitsu at Shackelford’s Mixed Martial Arts to be nothing short of spectacular. I began with no experience in martial arts whatsoever, and with the help of a great team and quality instructors, I was able to compete and win in grappling tournaments. When I decided to pursue Mixed Martial Arts, the experience of my coaches once again proved valuable in catering my jiu jitsu to deal with, and take advantage of, striking on the ground. From the beginning of my training when I was simply getting in shape, to my current career as a professional mixed martial arts fighter, Shackelford’s MMA has provided the skills and support I need to be successful.”

Tim Galluzzi - Professional fighter (3-1, 2 submissions; 13-1 amateur, 11 submissions)

“My name is Adam Poole. I’m a 31 year old teacher from Olive Branch. I found Shackleford’s MMA Center as I was looking for a way to stay in shape. I really couldn’t get motivated to go to the gym, lift weights, run, or any of the traditional methods of working out. I was a little apprehensive about joining an MMA gym, because I incorrectly assumed that the place would be full of meat heads with huge egos who were looking to beat up on new guys.. What I encountered at Shackleford’s MMA Center was completely the opposite. Upon my arrival, the instructors were extremely courteous and professional, and the students were friendly and welcoming. After speaking with head-instructor John David Shackleford for a while about my motives and goals for being there, I took part in my free introductory Brazilian jiu-jitsu lesson, and I was hooked. I’ve been training jiu-jitsu for about a month and a half now. Not only is rolling (the jiu-jitsu term for sparring) the best workout I’ve ever had, I’m learning an art in which I can set goals and work to reach them…and having fun doing it. The team atmosphere at Shackleford’s MMA Center is obvious. It starts with the instructors and filters down to everyone who trains there. Everyone I’ve trained with has been extremely helpful and patient in working with me to improve my skills. If you’re looking for a great workout or a place to learn real-world, practical self-defense techniques, I would highly recommend Shackleford’s MMA center!”

Adam Poole

"When I first started learning MMA, I wanted to learn the things the pros did. I did not think I had the time but I am so glad I made time. I found what I was looking for and more at Shackelford’s MMA Center. They’re a group of instructors with years of knowledge guided me. The people I train with became family and we helped each other achieve our own goals. We push each other and learn from one another making us stronger physically and mentally. I came in knowing nothing and after a year I know more than ever imagined. I weighed 165 lbs when I first started training and in 6 months I was down to 136 lbs. Now I have started to gain lean muscle mass and strength. My stamina and overall health has increased and I have never felt this good before. Everyone learns and progresses at their own pace. We look out for each other for the sake of having a training partner the next day so injuries are uncommon. The gym is constantly improving with every week and so are the people that train in it. This gym has become a second home to me, a place where men and women determined to push themselves and learn from some of the best mixed martial artists around come together.
I have lost weight and gained muscle. I have defended myself from an attacker using the knowledge I learned. I have gained friends and respect from the people I train with. All of this at Shackelford’s MMA. There is a 30 day trial free to come by and try first hand what it’s like. I greatly encourage anyone reading this to come by the gym and watch us train and see if you would consider joining."

Luke Blackwell

Be a Part of the Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Experience At Shackelford's Mixed Martial Arts Center. Wether your are looking to train for confidence, a new hobby, self defense, to get in shape or to compete we want YOU on our team and are offering the best incentives we can for you to come in and check our team out to see if we would be the best fit for your goals!