Shackelford's MMA Center Reviews

  • David Webb, Shackelford's MMA Center Testimonials

    John David Shackelford is a PRO at his craft, but what stands out to me is his genuine love for people. Shackelford's MMA Center is conveniently located and is well equipped for self defense training and getting in shape. In addition to fitness and kids programs for the community, Shackelford has trained MMA athletes who fight and win national competitions. These guys are the REAL DEAL!

    David Webb
  • Marc Fletcher, Shackelford's MMA Center Testimonials

    I own a martial arts training center and visited to take a look at their facility and their instructors. First off, the facility is one of the nicest, most well kept martial arts schools I have seen in a long time. In addition, the staff is extremely friendly and creates an environment that is very conducive to learning and fellowship. Their program is top notch in which they offer fitness, kickboxing and grappling classes for adults. If you live in Olive Branch and are looking for a great gym, give these folks a call.

    Marc Fletcher
  • Deann Vokral-Reed, Shackelford's MMA Center Testimonials

    I very rarely do anything for myself, but earlier this year I decided to try a trial at Shackelford's - and from the first trial class, I LOVED it. The coaches are amazing, and everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I actually look forward to going to classes here! If you want a fun way to get into amazing shape, give these classes a shot!

    Deann Vokral-Reed
  • Ethan Crockett, Shackelford's MMA Center Testimonials

    Shackelford's Mixed Martial arts has turned into my second home and it has changed my life. Everyone at the gym has made a positive impact on my life in some way. From the second I walked in everyone went out of there way to introduce themselves and help me with anything I was having trouble with, I often find myself doing the same thing whenever we get a new member. Everyone needs to do themselves a favor and become a member of Shackelford's Mixed Martial Arts Center I promise you, you won't regret your decision.

    Ethan Crockett
  • Terry Smith, Shackelford's MMA Center Testimonials

    John David Shackelford, in my opinion, is the best mixed martial arts coach in the tri-state area! This gym is so much more than just a place to get in shape and learn self-defense and get to the next level as a fighter or Jiu-Jitsu practitioner it is a Brotherhood of great people! I always have a great time when I go and love people I train with!

    Terry Smith
  • Wes Manning , Shackelford's MMA Center Testimonials

    Great place to train. The people you'll train with are very helpful with helping you learn on your journey. If I go too long without training, I start having withdraws. It is addictive, lots of fun, and an environment where you can truly test yourself. Trust me when I say that if you'll give it a chance and STICK WITH IT, then it may be one of the best decisions you'll have ever made in your life. You'll be healthier, more confident, have peace of mind, and become an all-around better you.

    Wes Manning
  • Corre Sanford, Shackelford's MMA Center Testimonials

    The 10 Rounds Challenge was AWESOME!!! My 13 year old son and I went it was definitely an intense workout. I work from home and am not very active so it was a challenge. The instructor JD was supportive and encouraging. Needless to say I took lots of breaks and laid in front of the fan. Lol. Even when I couldn't do the entire round I did at least half the round. The other participants were encouraging as well. We'll definitely be attending again if this is offered. Great Job #ShackelfordMMA #PsImSoreButItFeelsGood

    Corre Sanford
  • Kimberly Mehl Wright, Shackelford's MMA Center Testimonials

    I love these classes and the people that teach them! I'm ALMOST on a schedule where I can come back again! I'm so close I can taste it! This is my favorite place!

    Kimberly Mehl Wright
  • Bekah Smith , Shackelford's MMA Center Testimonials

    I went for the women's self-defense class with a couple friends of mine. It was a great lesson. The trainers were great it didn't feel weird or awkward which is what most people worry about. Very laid back and friendly environment to learn in.

    Bekah Smith
  • Gatsby Dan, Shackelford's MMA Center Testimonials

    Fantastic place to train, whether it's for casual exercise or competition. Always have a blast when I train here.

    Gatsby Dan


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